Bay Temperature Graph

Date of Median Highest Temp (21.95°C): February 27  |   Date of Mean Highest Temp (21.7°C): March 1
Date of Median Lowest Temp (11.00°C): August 14+  |   Date of Mean Lowest Temp (11.00°C): August 27

This graph uses data from August 20 2000 to August 13 2013. The median value is calculated by
ranking all the values for a particular day, and selecting the middle value. It effectively ignores
extreme values. There are several dates which have a median value of 11.00 in mid to late August.

Data is a skin Sea Surface Temperature (SST) measured by satellite for a point located approximately
in the middle of Port Phillip (-38.1S, 144.9E). It was derived by CSIRO Marine and Atmopsheric Research