Melbourne Olympic Park Air Temperature

Melbourne CBD Temperature Graph

Max to now: 12.1°C @ 13:03   |   Min to now: 8.7°C @ 8:03

Temperature observations from the Bureau of Meteorology. Official Max and Min values are published by the Bureau of Meteorology at approximately 5pm in their Notes on the Weather. Forecast Temperatures refer to those made by the Bureau of Meteorology at approximately 5pm on the day before. Please consult the Bureau's Melbourne Forecast for the current outlook.
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Disclaimer: Whilst all care is taken, users are advised to check the original source of all data before use.
This page was originally hosted by the The University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences. It uses publicly available weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology, marine data from CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and tide data from the the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria